Natalie began her career in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, supporting several local Rap labels/artists in various marketing and management roles. In mid-2006, Natalie relocated to New York City  and began to produce various events, travel internationally to connect with Hip Hop pioneers and other cultural producers and working with international Hip Hop artists on number projects. During this time, she also worked as an educator at PS 308 in Brooklyn, NY with City Year, a national organization dedicated to community service. In 2012, she started production in the Bay Area on “Pressure Drop”, an urban music cable television show. The first episode featured legendary ska and reggae group, Toots & The Maytals.

Natalie continues to support and develop various cultural projects, multimedia endeavors and artists alike from around the globe in several capacities, including but not limited to booking, media production, sponsorship/partnership consulting, management, etc. She is also collaborating with several Hip Hop organizations overseas to co-create and launch a handful of cultural residencies in 2014. Additionally, the launch of the Hip Hop Mapping Project (HHMP), an interactive map that pinpoints Hip Hop-oriented organizations/entities, programs residencies, funding opportunities, conferences, and festivals across the globe,  is on the horizon.  The Hip Hop Festival is Natalie’s current focus – drawing on her extensive knowledge of international Hip Hop to co-curate a nomadic global movement.

Natalie Crue



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