I haven’t posted for a while. It’s been well over a year. Why? Well.. Long story short. I’ve been working on a mapping project as well as organizing a nomadic international Hip Hop Festival with my colleague Kentake Chinyelu-Hope out of the UK (Bamboo Swords). I have also consulted a number of artists and DJs looking to tour and/or work on projects outside of their home countries. I have a dozen pet projects in the works as well. In 2014, I will be focusing my energy on re-branding my business, continuing to consult artists, blogging and vlogging, stepping up my passport game, and working on various cultural projects. At some point in the next two weeks, this blog will have an official domain and all of that good stuff.

The mapping project, a digital/physical manifestation of my life’s work, has been in the making for a long time. Years… It started out as a project in a uni Sociology class and has been a work in progress ever since. Over the years, I have kept a running list of organizations, Hip Hop Heads and random facts about International Hip Hop history in my head AND in several dozen notebooks. Out of those notebooks, I have compiled  semi-organized  lists/data/etc. To add to that, I receive around 50+ emails a day via email from people looking to connect to organizations and Hip Hop Heads in cities/countries across the globe. Add those requests to the 9k unread emails now in my email box and you have a bit of a mess. While I would love to get back to everyone, I thought it would be easier to compile a list from my research and then an interactive visual map showcasing organizations and other Hip Hop practitioners doing amazing work in the universe. This project is in the incubator, but in the meantime… I will feature a few orgs a week on my blog.

The purpose of this blog is to showcase international Hip Hop and my random Hip Hop related thoughts. No verbose academic vomit. Just Hip Hop. Global Hip Hop. Also, this blog is a great resource for educators looking to expand their students horizons. If you’re teaching a Social Studies class or even Pol Sci, there is a lot of music here that may complement your work in the classroom. I feature artists from all over the globe — from Uganda to South Africa to Brazil to Malaysia and beyond. If you’re looking for something specific to supplement/complement one of your lessons, feel free to hit me up on Twitter and I’ll point you in the right direction. I am also open to creating a resource list for students if you give me ample time to do so.

May the force be with you…


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