FreshTunez! S’phum’eGugs – DRIEMANSKAP Ft. Macho & Kanyi

Perhaps, I have become some what of an elitist. Most music coming out of the US of A, has sounded quite stale. The production, beats, lyrics and overall feelling that I get from listening to music (aka eargasm) has not been up to par, with a few exceptions.

Over the past year, I’ve dug DEEP into the global Hip Hop scene. I’ve uncovered sonic treasures from South Africa, Mali, Chile, Brazil, Sengal, Japan, China, Iraq, Syria, Palestine and the list goes on. Through my sonic journey and super awesome network in the motherland (TY Dplanet!), I discovered Driemanskap, a Hip Hop group from South Africa. Their new joint “S’phum’eGugs”, which means “We’re from Gugs”, is another lyrical gem for the people from Driemanskap’s highly-acclaimed album, Igqabhukil’ Inyongo. This track features Macho and Kanyi (a female MC) who kills the entire track, in a good way that is. Enjoy!

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Liner Notes:
Directed by Anton Visser and Driemanskap
Cinematography: Anton Visser
Editor: spo0ky
Colour: Heino Henning at Condor
Production Assistant: Christine Shaw
Wardrobe by: Butanwear

Track produced by Planet Earth

Shot entirely on location in Gugulethu, South Africa.

Buy Igqabhukil’ Inyongo:…

bookings (at) pioneerunit (dot) com

©2010 Pioneer Unit Records


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