Grade A BS

As of late, the American music has been quite stale in  my opinion. To be quite frank, I don’t want to regurgitate mass published music. I’m by no means a hype machine blogger; one that posts music just because XXL, Fader or MissInfo have posted it. By fellow bloggers/writers/music connoisseurs, I am simply referring to @HipHopAndBS ( and @ThroatChopU (MadBloggers), as they ride the same wave length when it comes to musical tastes.

A great majority of self-proclaimed bloggers, simply post shit that’s been posted 900 billion times before they have decided to break out their eMachine computer and post their “opinion” of the said material.  They tend to browse the major urban music websites and dick ride the editors of these so-called sites to get attention or a shout out on Twitter by said person. These people will randomly stalk you on Twitter and blast you 8 trillion times to check out their blog, but the content that sits on their blog is simply carbon copied bullshit. #ICant!

Most of the music that I enjoy, comes from overseas. From Mali to South Africa, to the rainforest of Bali to Canada to the colonized nation of American Samoa, my musical tastes are more well-rounded than most people I have met during my short lifespan on Earth. I have no fascination with American music whatsoever. Call me Anti-American if you like, I’ll simply reply, “Go f^ yourself!”.

American music has been watered down, flipped, died, laid to the side and watered down again. How many more songs do we need about hoes, money, sex or fancy cars that your label rented for you for your video? How much longer do my precious ears have to endure the harsh words flung by rappers that derogate women of color? C’mon son!


3 thoughts on “Grade A BS

  1. Wow. I missed this post last month some how. Thank you so much for the shout out. I couldn’t agree with you more Natalie. Every single blog literally has the same content. It’s quite sickening. You know how I do, I’ll post something only if I personally like it. In addition, I’ll offer my own opinion regarding the music (content, beat, flow, style, sound, etc.) regardless of whether I offend the artist or not. Thank you so much for your support. I respect your opinions, views, commentary, knowledge, experience, and candor when it comes to this whole music biz. I salute you home girl. You’re the realest person I’ve met in this crazy digital jungle we all hustle in. Peace and blessings!!!

    – Money Miz

  2. Senica says:

    This is some real talk, I couldnt have said this better myself. It feels like all hope is lost when the industry is saturated with the influence of mainstream media. We have to bridge the gap between concious music and artist with that part of media that supports us and find a way to open doors to that market again and put that at the front of the game again. Sooner or later our ball will bounce back. It will come back around full circle for our era of social and concious Hip Hop to reign again. This was beautifully written and very thought prevoken as well. Hopefully people will understand your passion and frustration with American “so called” Hip Hop and think twice before falling victim to a pointless cliche of music. Thanks Natalie!!!

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