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FRESHVidz! Los Rakas- Abrazame

Produced by :::Uproot Andy ::: from Dutty Artz

Los Rakas’ long awaited video for “Abrazame” (which translates to “Hug Me”) is finally here!

In preparation for the video, Aris Jerome and Los Rakas collaborated on the idea to create a story with strong underlying themes of racism and it’s effect on interracial dating, both of which are still very prevalent and public in Latin America, specifically in Los Rakas’ home country of Panama. While the seriousness of racism’s consequences in life is real, Los Rakas’ utilize their talent to translate strong themes in a world that youth can easily relate to. Set in San Francisco, this video follows two young songwriters from the streets, house parties, hill top sunset love nests, rooftops, & parades; sharing  intimate moments with the girls they love but can’t seem to keep a hold of.

For more information about Los Rakas, check out their website:


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