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FRESHVidz! Snakes & Fakes – Driemanskap (Cape Town, South Africa)

Driemanskap, IMO, is perhaps one of the dopest Hip Hop acts coming out of the region. When introduced to their music by a fellow music lover & comrade, I was instantly enamored. I listened to the labels (Pioneer Unit) Band Camp joints for several hours.

The level of production and artistry resonating from the whole entire label is one of rarity. When I find precious Hip Hop gems like Pioneer Unit, I am quite ecstatic.

I look forward to working with them during my travels in the motherland.


Artist: Driemanskap
Track: Snakes and Fakes
Producer: El Nino
Album: Promo for Igqabhukil’ Inyongo
Release year: May 2009
Record label: Pioneer Unit

Director: Damian Stephens
Editor, Post & Grading: Apartment Studios
Producer: Apartment Studios
Clothing: Butan Wear

Shot entirely on location in Guguletu, Cape Town, South Africa.

©2009. Pioneer Unit Records


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