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#tomamawithlove UPDATE!

In the midst of organizing a dozen concerts, planning tours for a few artists, booking DJs, and a celebrity boxing match for charity that will occur during the HUGE “August Nights” Event in Nevada, I have chosen to give my time to an amazing cause in Tanzania. Giving back is what I LIVE FOR!

The following video is a dedication (created by two AMAZING people, Sanjay & Stacey from Epic Change) to the AMAZING woman who has championed a school in her local village in Tanzania. We are collaboratively raising over $50,000 dollars so that 50 of Mama Lucy’s kids can have a home to call their own. Thus far we have raised over $10,000 dollars including $400 from an AMAZING 8-year-old girl!

If you have one precious moment today, do one thing, dedicate a “heartspace” to the AMAZING mama in your life. A simple donation will get us closer our goals.

Create your heartspace TODAY!

Love Always,



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