#Vancouver 3/27 Sistahood Celebration: Flashback Feedback ft. @therealeternia

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Flashback Feedback
We Need To Talk. We Need To Dance. We Need You.
Saturday, March 27, 2010 at W2 Perel Building, 112 W Hastings
The Feedback Session: 6pm-8pm
This Feedback Session is FREE and if you join us for this facilitated dialogue you will be able to see the Flashback Show for 1/2 price @ $6.
Advance tix available online at

Flashback Show: Doors 8pm, Show 9pm-1am | Tix: $12
Beautiful Blasts from the Past and Fabulous Future Sounds of Sistahood.

The finale of three festival events, Flashback Feedback sees the return of some of the festival’s most popular artists alongside up-and-coming talent, and gives audiences a chance to speak their minds to festival organisers.

Wrapping up the Sistahood Celebration at 9pm are Eternia (Toronto) and her band, sensational local emcees and vocalists Ndidi Casade, Kia Kadiri and Deanna, DJ She (Jane Blaze Productions) and rising star Tanika Charles (Toronto).

The concert follows a facilitated feedback session, from 6pm-8pm, that gives attendees a chance to feedback on the current and historical Sistahood Celebrations with an eye to shaping the festival’s future. The feedback session is facilitated by Working Arts Society (Sistahood Celebration) board chair Vanessa Richards and longtime Sistahood collaborator, Sara Kendall. The session features presentations by Sistahood founder Rachel Flood and festival director Anna Hilliar and stellar performances by Buzy B, Hari Alluri and Amber Dawn.

Feedback and community input have been instrumental throughout the history of Sistahood in guiding our thematic focus each year. This year’s theme, Cultural Catalysts, invites your feedback as a catalyistic source of insight, transformation and chutzpah. If you could add, subtract, reshape or envision something altogether new and crucial to the Sistahood mix what would it be? Come talk with us then we’ll dance. We Need To Talk. We Need To Dance. We Need You.

pg 9 Flashback Feedback artist list
Feed Back Session
Amber Dawn
Buzy B
Hari Alluri
Vanessa Richards
Sara Kendall
Anna Hilliar
Rachel Flood

Flashback Show
Eternia – with Chesney Snow and Colin Dean (Toronto)
Ndidi Casade, Kia Kadiri and Deanna
Ms. Chawlz (toronto)
DJ She

We’re so excited to invite Eternia back to Sistahood!. It’s been a long time coming, Eternia finally returns to Vancity!
Here’s a few things people are saying about Eternia.

“Possessing a crisp flow and the ability to work a crowd, she knows how to entertain and enlighten minds at the same time”
– The Ave Magazine

“Eternia is one of the most versatile, talented emcees in Canadian hip-hop. She’s a powerhouse and a very smooth professional at what she does”
– Exclaim Magazine

Now Magazine voted Tanika Charles aka Ms Chawlz as best R&B of 2008


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