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FRESHVidz! X Plastaz – Nini dhambi kwa mwenye dhiki? (Hip Hop from Tanzania)

Track Info after the cut

This is Tanzanian Hip Hop.

This was the last video in which the late MC Faza Nelly (X Plastaz) appeared in. He was violently stabbed by a drunk neighbor two months after the filming of this video.

X Plastaz is one of Tanzania’s most well-known hip hop crew who merge Swahili rap and traditional Maasai music. This video ‘Nini dhambi kwa mwenye dhiki?’ discusses poverty in Tanzania and was partly recorded on top of Ol Doinyo Lengai, a remote & active volcano, also known as the Maasai’s ‘Mountain of God’, which had its 1st major eruption in years, the day after Nelly died.

More Track info after the cut

Languages: Kiswahili and Maa (kiMaasai)



Produced by dj Threesixty (Bamba Nazar), video by J4 (Thomas Gesthuizen).
Postproduction assistance Manuel Rodrigues.

More info and music at and
And check out more on African hip hop at


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