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FRESHJointz! Swapmeet Ensemble – When You’re Up feat. Raulie Barron @SilenceDemALL @poachstevens

The name suits them perfectly, as there is no putting their sound into one set genre, category, or (for metaphor’s sake) flea market booth. The Swap’ (as they are affectionately called by….well… themselves) are too political to be Pop, but potentially too mainstream to be underground. They are too “socially aware” to be gangsta/dope boy rap, but too unfiltered (and inappropriate) to be considered conscious rap. The group’s subject matter touches on everything from whimsical tales about female club goers, to commentaries about the effects of drugs & greed in urban America. Poach and Silence also both have an affinity for the visual arts and do their own graphics, videos, etc. Underneath it all, it is clear that the combo seem to create the music they would listen to, design the images they would want to see and present themselves how they would want to see a project presented- a pair of Renaissance Men if there were ever such a label.

On the verge of releasing their debut LP “One Man’s Trash”, The Swapmeet Ensemble, a Hip-Hop/Rap/Alternative/Pop (yes, all that!) group from Oakland, California, brings the noise with their first single “When You’re Up” featuring Raulie B.

Interview Coming Soon


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