First Lady of Arabic Hip Hop: SHADIA MANSOUR


Shadia Mansour, First Lady of Arabic Hip Hop, is set to release the first single from her upcoming debut album next week entitled El Kofeyye 3arabeyye Produced by Sandhill. The song features M1 of Americas Underground Political Duo Dead Prez. M1 travelled to Gaza in 2009 with Existence Is Resistance (www.existenceisresistance.org) and also felt there was a dire need for a song representing what this scarf really meant to the Arabic nations.

Shadia explains the meaning behind the track The song represents the Arab scarf “Kofeyye”. In this song, I am claiming back its historical, political and revolutionary purpose. As you are aware, the ‘Kofeyye’ has been tastelessly commercialized and economically exploited worldwide. I feel that it is only right to give the people a thorough introduction and understanding of its symbolic existence.

The Video Press Release, which can be viewed on Youtube.com, was filmed whilst “El Kofeyye 3arabeyye” was being recorded and mixed by Public Enemy’s own DJ/Producer, Johnny Juice at Chuck D’s Terrordome studio.

Special Thanks/Credits for this Video go to Nana Dankwa, http://www.colourtelly.tv

For more information:



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