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FREShTunez! Blood of Haiti Mixtape by DJ Madsol-Desar

Tracklist & Download link after the jump…


1.Intro – Wyclef Jean Live @ Toussaint L’overture Airport ” Earthquake”
*2.Haiti # 1 – Wyclef Jean “Live@Platinum Studios” Thanks to Jerry Wonder & Joe Mingnon
3.M1 of Dead Prez – drop
*4.Arms Of Haiti – Jules of Negnoir
5.Talib Kweli – drop
6.Mom, Dad (R.I.P) Speaks On Blood Of Haiti Movement – drop
*7.Creole Pale – T Pe Show A/K/A M-D
8.Ed O G – drop
9.Madman JP project – Madman JP
10.Bad Man – Jimmy O
11.Mos Def aka Black Dante –
*12.Song For U – A-Alikes of RBG’s
13.Kwe li – Seca Konsa
14.Buggah – drop
15.Cannons & Bainets – Mecca aka Grimo
16.Miri Ben-Ari – drop
17.2010 – Samson & Sejour – mash up by M-D, beat by: Armand Van Helden, BIG, Juston (R.I.P)
18.Bang Bang – Earthman Experience & DJ Hard Hittin Harry
19.Joe Mingnon – drop
20.Papa Jube @ Sobs –
21.BC Crew – Barikard Crew
22.Gon Jock – Haitian Fresh
23.Krazie Brize – Negmaron
24.Pra Grate of Negnoir –
25.Babilon – Lion Paw of Negnoir
26.Verite – Negus World
27.Bouyon Nite (more vive) Mr Reo
28.E2E4 of 1804 Production – drop
29.Strata G (R.I.P) – Monte Le Drapeau
30.The Last Emperor – drop
31.Jay Electronica – drop

*Beats By: Madsol-Desar For Knightz Of Muzik Prod.


One thought on “FREShTunez! Blood of Haiti Mixtape by DJ Madsol-Desar

  1. This is the best mixtape that I have ever heard. Keep on doing the great work little brother. When it comes to your musics, I see your feet off the ground, flying in the air, the little bright stars are around you. Remember our Dad (RIP) is watching over you. Much Love

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