Hot off the Presses! Mistah F.A.B. (@MistahFab) – Prince of the Coast


In the process of planning my upcoming college tour with a few bands & artists that I am working with and in dire need of some grind time + party music, I came across this DOPE new mixtape from Mistah Fab.

Let me know what you think!

01 Introduction
02 How I Came Up
03 Let Me Be Your Sight f. 211 & The Jacka
04 Interlude 1
05 Broken Home f. Jamillion
06 Never Gave You Money
07 Where I’m At
08 Be Quiet
09 By My Side
10 Interlude 2
11 Bar Up
12 Follow Me
13 Top Floor
14 Say Somethin’
15 Better Man
16 Ungrateful f. Lil Kev
17 Interlude 3
18 Good Child
19 Interlude 4
20 Know What They Want
21 Get Off Me
22 Interlude 5
23 World’s Biggest Little City
24 Prince of the Coast Freestyle
25 Drinks R On Me f. E-40
26 Outroduction


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