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FRESHVidz! Nneka “Africans”

Born in Warri, Nigeria and based in Germany, this break out star is climbing the charts and at a fast pace. Nneka Egbuna, is in high demand across the globe, opening up for high-profile acts such as Lauryn Hill and Lenny Kravitz, and recently appeared on the Late Night Show with Letterman.

Unlike other emerging artists on the market, Nneka is everything but a marketing ploy set forth by money hungry record label executives looking create the next 360 Record Deal AKA “marketing scheme” for the next quick buck. This sultry-voiced artist has a remarkable amount of talent. Touching and embracing fans across the globe, Nnkeka continues to garner attention from the masses.

In her video “Africans”, which touches on Africa’s economic situation, Nneka brings forth an empowering message and whole-heartedly asks her people to look FORWARD and to take matters in their own hands versus continuing to blame their colonialist past.




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